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Watermark Wanderers: Cirencester

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Watermark Wanderers

Watermark Wanderers is a series of blog posts that helps you explore all things Cotswolds and beyond as you enjoy the peace of a lake getaway. In this edition, we’ll be wandering the streets of Cirencester, the Cotswolds largest market town which is simultaneously bustling and tranquil, with the centre situated only six miles from your porch. Why book a flight when there’s so much to see in your own back garden?

Whether you’ve just set foot inside one of our luxurious properties for a magnificent weekend getaway, or have invested in one of our award-winning holiday properties, we know how difficult it can be to find the exit after becoming acquainted with your home away from home.

With clearwater sailing, serene fishing, and a competitive game of tennis sitting just outside your front door, you’ll struggle to find a reason to stray too far from our water park. But there is so much more to do in the local area, and it’s all just a hop, skip and a jump away from your private haven. Follow Watermark Wanderers for more information.

Cirencester Town Centre

‘Quintessential’ is an overused word when it comes to describing something as English as warm beers and cricket – but there truly is no better adjective to use when referring to Cirencester town centre. The charm of discovering homemade goods at the Charter Market in the shadow of the 12th century parish church is too English for words. Any words outside “quintessentially British” that is.

Church of St. John the Baptist

Acting as Cirencester’s centrepiece, the Church of St. John the Baptist has stood proudly for over 800 years. Combining an architecturally unique zig-zagging upper balcony, and a hallmark open-plan Gothic interior, the church is the first thing you’ll see when arriving to the town centre, and is the first thing you’ll want to explore.

Corinium Museum

Cirencester was once an important Roman settlement so it’s no surprise that hundreds of Roman artefacts have been discovered at the site of Corinium over the years, and displayed in the Corinium Museum. From incredible floor and wall mosaic displays, to more recent medieval sculptures, the Corinium Museum oozes history and teaches you more than a thing or two about Gloucestershire’s fascinating past.

Cirencester Park – Bathurst Estate

If you’re looking to escape the business of the town centre, Cirencester Park lends its 3000 acres to allow visitors to mentally tune out and temporarily forget responsibility. The park offers a perfectly peaceful environment for picnics on a clear skied day, wonderful walks for some spontaneous mental meditation, and long paths for breezy bike rides. Time it right and you could be a spectator of the Cirencester Park Polo Club enjoying a sportsmanlike game of their favourite English pastime.

What are your favourite activities and sights in and around Cirencester? Do you think we’ve missed something that absolutely has to be included on your Watermark itinerary? Get in touch to let us know what you think, tag us in an Instagram post at @watermarkcotswolds, or Tweet us at @watermarkclub.