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As a whole, the Cotswolds are known for being one of the most stunning rural areas in the UK but we truly believe that if you want to know what picturesque landscapes really look like, you need to experience the Cotswold Water Park for yourself.

A 40 square mile area within the Cotswolds which is located in Cheltenham in the south of England, the Cotswolds Water Park is a collection of 150 lakes, peppered amongst stretches of rural land and home to us, Watermark holiday park.

The Cotswold Water Park is a truly unique destination, a one of a kind place to visit in the UK this article will tell you a little bit more about this simply stunning location.

What is the Cotswold Water Park?

The Water Park in the Cotswolds is made up of rural land and 150 lakes but it isn’t a closed off or privately owned park, it’s an area that people live within, run businesses in and more, so anyone is welcome to visit and explore free of charge.

Alongside the natural wonders found within the Water Park, there’s also a country park and beach which are privately owned entrance charges but they’re well worth a visit if you’re nearby.

One of the main attractions with the Cotswold Water Park is the ability to roam free and explore, making it perfect for all the family, even the dog! The Water Park has plenty of marked footpaths for walkers and cycle paths too, so however you want to find your way around, you’ll have no problem.

Cotswold Water Park Beach

Cotswolds Waterpark’s biggest draw is the beach and once you see it, you won’t be surprised. Located within the Cotswold Country Park, the inland bathing beach is designed for cooling off when the British sun is shining and is manned by lifeguards at peak times.

Ideal for all ages, there’s sand and water to enjoy as you’d expect but there’s also plenty of activities and water sports and, as the beach is within the confines of the country club, you’ll also have plenty of access to delicious food and drink on site.

Accommodation in Cotswold Water Park

No matter what kind of accommodation you’re looking for, there’s plenty to choose from.

If you’re looking for Cotswold Water Park holiday homes, look no further than Watermark. We’re known for being the most luxurious accommodation option within the Water Park, offering short term holiday houses for quick visits or properties to buy if you can’t stand to stay away for too long.

Who Looks After Cotswold Water Park?

The Cotswold Water Park Trust are responsible for maintaining the beauty and safety of the Water Park all year round and we have to say, they do a wonderful job.

From ensuring walkways and footpaths are maintained to keeping the land free from rubbish and blemishes, the Trust work tirelessly to protect locals, visitors and animals alike.

You won’t find an area quite like it anywhere else in the UK and we couldn’t be prouder to be located within this truly unique location. So, if you want to experience the wonder for yourself, book a stay at the Watermark holiday park and venture out into the Water Park to witness the beauty for yourself.