• “Life Undiluted”

  • “Life Undiluted”

Luxury in the heart of the Cotswolds

Everyone deserves their own piece of paradise. Somewhere private. Surrounded by nature. Far from the madding crowd. A place where they can sit back, breathe in a little luxury and come away rejuvenated. Somewhere like here.

Imagine six exclusive lakeside settings. Each with its own collection of unique lodges. To invest in, own and get away to. Or rent for a blissful week or two spent with family and friends. Relaxing or at play. In the countryside or on the water.

Imagine award-winning, spacious accommodation combined with comfort and gated security. A choice of peace and quiet or a wealth of local amenities and activities. A little cycling or tennis, perhaps? Or a spot of windsurfing or cable-skiing for the more adventurous. All in the heart of the Cotswolds, yet only 90 minutes from London.

This isn’t holiday leisure or getaway breaks. This is life undiluted. From a company with over 20 years experience of providing and managing exclusive second homes in a truly exceptional location.

This is Watermark.