There’s nothing like sitting on the edge of a calm lake in the middle of stunning scenery on a warm, summer’s day.

Watching the swans majestically glide by and feeling the stresses and strains of the outside world just slip away. Perfect Watermark accommodation.

Windrush Lake is 40 acres of picturesque bliss, complete with superbly designed lodges and breathtaking views. Spend your time chilling out in your home-from-home…or messing about on the lake. Paddleboard, kayaking or rowing to the middle and breathing in the silence…or casting a line or three for carp or tench. Watch the moorhens earn their nickname of ‘Skitty Coots’. This is peace and quiet, Watermark-style! This lake will make you feel relaxed and away from the stresses and strains of life, kick back and enjoy the environment.

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